FAQ about laser lipo

FAQ about Laser Lipo

How does it work?

Does it hurt?

Is it safe?

How long are the treatments?

How often do I need to come in?

Am I a good candidate for laser lipo? 

What areas can be treated?

Are the results permanent?

Do I have to go on a crazy diet or buy expensive supplements, potions and powders?

Do I need to exercise? 

Anything else? 



How does laser lipo work?

Unlike surgical liposuction, non-invasive laser lipo "shrinks" fat cells instead of suctioning them out through a surgical incision.  There is no recovery or downtime. 

Laser diodes embedded in pads the size of a smartphone are placed directly on the skin  of the desired treatment area.  The light energy permeates the layers of your skin to your fat cells.  Tiny holes are created in the cell membrane, allowing the contents to be released.  The holes are temporary and will close within 2-4 hours of treatment.  The contents of the fat cell are then processed out by your liver or burned up as energy by your natural metabolic process, resulting in inches lost.  

The laser pads do not leave any marks upon your skin. 

Does laser lipo hurt?

Not at all!  The treatments are completely painless.  You may feel a bit of warmth similar to a heating pad on a low setting.  Many of my clients find the sessions very relaxing and sometimes drift off to sleep.  There are ZERO side effects or downtime.  Once your treatment is over and you have done a short work-out, you are free to carry on with your day!  We will go over how to make the most of your treatments during your free consultation.  

Is laser lipo safe?

Absolutely.  Laser Lipo is an FDA approved modality.  The treatments mimic how your body accesses, processes and burns stored fat when you exercise.  We are just able to release more fat from specific cells though the laser lipo treatments.  

How long are laser lipo treatments?

Laser Lipo treatments are  anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on how your body is responding.  Here's where my expertise comes in! 

How often do I need to come in for treatment?

2-3 laser lipo treatments /week is ideal.   Most of my clients get the best results in 8-10 treatments.  During your consultation we can discuss the best plan for you.  

Am I a good candidate for laser lipo?

Most people are.  Medical conditions such as fatty liver, liver disease, pregnancy are not compatible with receiving laser lipo treatments.  Visceral fat deposits, or fat behind your muscle wall cannot be treated with either laser lipo or surgical liposuction.  During your consult, I can assess your eligibility.  I will be straight up honest with you if I feel the treatments will not work for you.  

There's more...


What areas can be treated by laser lipo?

Pretty much any areas where there is excess subcutaneous (under the skin) fat .

  • abdomen
  • thighs
  • arms
  • inside of knees
  • back fat/bra line

During your first session we will create a treatment plan based on your body and goals.  Your plan is flexible - we can make adjustments as we go depending on how you are responding. No matter how many areas we treat, you pay the same fee. 

Are the results permanent?

As with any weight loss effort, your lifestyle and habits determine whether or not you maintain your results.  As a Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and some one with lots of personal and professional weight loss experience, I am qualified to help you create, learn and live with the new habits you need to keep the weight off for good! We will work on nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle habits so you will enjoy long-term success! 

Do I need to go on a crazy diet etc??

Nope.  My goal is to teach you how to eat intuitively so you are done with dieting and deprivation forever! I do not require you to purchase any expensive ( or inexpensive) supplements, potions or powders.  


Do I need to exercise after my treatment?

Yes! By doing so, you will burn up the fat we have released from your cells via laser lipo.  This will give you the BEST results.  As a Certified Personal Trainer, I will work with you to develop an exercise plan you will enjoy.  No more slogging away on a treadmill, I promise!  

Anything else?


YES, for sure!  You! 

The info here is pretty comprehensive, but there is much more to the process, and that includes you.  

I want to listen to and learn about you, your goals, what you've tried before, what has worked and what has not.  From here we can discuss whether my program is something you'd like to do.  I am open to any and all questions.   

This is an important decision which involves the commitment of your time and resources.  You need to feel comfortable.  I want to make sure all of your questions get answered to your satisfaction.  

I understand the hesitation to come in - my promise to you is that this is not a sales pitch AT ALL.  

Just an easy discussion.  

I will not put any pressure on you to make a decision right then and there.