About Patricia


Journey & Creds

December 2017:   Off the chart happy to have my son home from college for Winter Break!  Not so happy with myself and definitely not feeling good physically or emotionally.  I was disappointed in how I had let myself down; frustrated by not being able to fit into my clothes; tired of feeling heavy.   

Even though I was helping my clients lose weight and feel great, I wasn't treating myself very well.  I had gained 30-40 lbs over four or so years.   I felt bad physically, emotionally and I felt like a total fraud.  Finally, in early 2018, I finally reached my highest pain point.  I decided enough was enough and set out to turn things around.  I sought help, accountability, and taught myself a new way of doing things.  I lost over 30 lbs and have easily kept it off for over a year now.  I still have some things to work on, but I am sooooo relaxed about it and actually having fun in the process.  


My creds: 

  • MS Health Education
  • PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach 
  • Certified Personal Trainer 
  • Certified Weight Loss Coach 
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Real life experience 


Nature Girl

 Being in nature - especially the mountains,  feeds my spirit and  fills my soul with happy song.  This is the view from the back porch of my favorite place on earth - the place where there are no bad days and all problems are solved.   



 Visiting my son in Boston during his first year of University.  Here we are at the train station - he's on his way to school and I am on my way to catch my flight home.  I held it together alright for the picture.  We said good-bye, went our separate ways and I burst into tears.  Empty Nest Syndrome IS a thing, right??  



 Always a creative thinker!  I am good at what I do, take it seriously and do what it takes to get the best results for you.  But..I promise we will have lots of FUN along the way!   There is always a way and we will find it together.  


New England Patriots SUPERFAN !

 People ask me why I love sports. Here's why: spirit, determination, drive, community, camaraderie, heart, soul, strategy, teamwork, emotion, family, mastery, stories, striving for achievement, greatness, the comeback, and the pure joy to be found.  One can derive great inspiration, motivation and life lessons from the love of the game. That's why I love sports.  


Born to Be Happy

  Me and my cousin, Stephanie in front of my Uncle’s bad ass Celica. My Grand-ma made the rad little jumpsuits for us.  What bad ass little pitstop/heist girls we are! I’m not sure which ...