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I am currently staying at home and will resume services once it is safe for all to do so. Please ask about phone consultations, online health coaching services for nutrition, at home exercise, stress management , weight loss and overall health. 

Take care, be safe and be well 

Are you frustrated with weight gain that seemed to come out of nowhere?

Have you tried everything under the sun and NOTHING seems to work or stick? Are you sick of counting calories, tracking macros, erasing entire food groups out of your diet and just feeling out of control and at a loss?


I want this to be the LAST weight loss program you ever do because I want you to learn how to lose it for good and easily keep it off on your own.  Those other things do not work because they are complicated, based in deprivation and not sustainable.  Plus they make you miserable! 

Hi! I am Patricia! 

I am the the happy owner/operator  of Sculpt Laser Lipo. I have been providing laser lipo treatments for almost 10 years.  I opened my business in 2012 with a vision to provide a comprehensive, personalized weight loss and wellness program setting clients up for long term success.    

Now, after my own recent successful weight loss, 

I am excited to bring to you a whole new perspective and level of service.  

Focusing on my own weight loss has given me confidence and clarity in other aspects of my life -

 including discovering my calling to help other women achieve and enjoy the the same sense of accomplishment and happiness from taking control, losing weight and discovering a new way of living.   

A new way of thinking about food,exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  

Nothing restrictive, complicated, punishing or impossible.  

I can teach you new habits that will serve you in the long run and are the key to lifelong weight management.  

I love helping people just like you lose weight, feel confident,  

and get excited about a new way of life!

My creds: MS Health Ed. 

Pn1 Certified Nutrition Coach 

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Weight Loss Coach and Certified Life Coach. 

And..... I've been through it too.....so, I get it.  I'll be with you step by step.  



Individualized Laser Lipo Treatment Plans

I have years of experience in providing laser lipo treatments and weight loss coaching.  I understand how bodies respond.  I will work with you to create a custom and flexible laser lipo and weight loss program that will meet your specific needs and goals.  


Custom Weight Loss, Health & Life Coaching

No dieting.  No restrictive rigid meal plans.  No punishing workouts.  I meet you where you are in your current habits and lifestyle.  I work WITH you to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle that will serve you and work for you for a long time.  


Can you relate?

    MID-LIFE.  on its own, that term sounds kinda bleak, doesn't it?
I say this can (and will) be the most rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting time of our lives!  We've got some seriously solid experience under our belts.  We are probably not so concerned with what the peanut gallery thinks anymore.                       WE ARE SMART COOKIES!

But....I get it.  You may be feeling

  • stuck
  • frustrated over losing the same pounds over and over 
  • overwhelmed about where and how to start
  • OBSESSED with food and your weight
  • going crazy over dieting
  • bored and hate the gym
  • like there is sooo much more to life but you are not sure how to find it
  • in limbo - maybe you are an empty nester, in career flux/disillusionment, or out of a relationship.  


I can help you 

  • Lose weight & easily keep it off for good
  • Quit dieting and being obsessed with food and weight
  • feel and look incredible
  • find focus and clarity around what you want to do 
  • feel resilient and bulletproof
  • fall in love with yourself and your magical life


Well......Are you asking yourself, WHAT'S NEXT???
I sure was!   I found myself right smack dab in the middle of major transition (me = empty nest syndrome is a toughie - professional/personal  life in flux etc...) and asking What's Next.  The more I asked, the more overwhelmed and confused I got.  So, one day I asked myself a different question.  I thought about ONE THING I could absolutely focus on and get results.  

The BIG answer?

I had been active before and felt really really good when I was .  

Being active helped me feel

  • confident
  • capable
  • energized

I felt like I could accomplish anything in any part of my life.  My thinking was clear.  Hard times weren't as hard because I felt good about myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.
I had let that part of my life go .  I decided to go on a mission to get it back.
And I did! I sought out help, set goals, and made a plan.  I found someone who would help keep me accountable and coach me with new ideas, tools, information and a lot of genuine encouragement.

So far my fitness focus has led me to 

  • drop 30 pounds (really!)
  • feel excited and energized with life
  • feel confident
  • feel happier
  • deal calmly and effectively with the curve balls life throws 
  • think more expansively
  • learn and try new things
  • engage in different ideas and concepts

It also led me right here.  To a renewed sense of passion towards life and career.  One day walking my dog, Wyatt, it hit me like a lightening bolt from Zeus himself; if I can get out of this funky mid-life transition vortex, why can't I help other women do the same!  Yes, my body transformed through my commitment to fitness, but so have I - emotionally and spiritually.  


I have the education and knowledge.  I have a superpower though, and that is I can TOTALLY relate to where you are right now.  I have been there! Heck, I AM STILL working at it - 

just in a much more relaxed and confident way.

My past struggles and current challenges give me valuable insight and empathy, which means I can effectively help you succeed in reaching your goals and dreams.  

I am by no means perfect.  Whatever that is.  But whatever that is, I hope I never think I am "it."  That mindset means I will never stop learning, growing and trying new things.  I am loving this journey!
I will not come at you from a place high on the mountain top.  I will treat you with respect and compassion NEVER judgment.   I will listen, support and cheer you on.  We are in this together.  

My goal is to help you transform into the best version of yourself.  Not a clone of me.  (Believe me, the world does not need that running around! haha)
I really want my midlife sisters to feel happiness, a sense of purpose and like you are in control of your choices and actions.  
Reach out - we can chat about your situation, your dreams and what you feel needs to change for you to create the life you so desire.  

No pressure, no sales - just a really cool conversation.  


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