I am so happy you are here! 

  • Are you ready to get off of the "dieting roller coaster?"
  • Are you tired of feeling like you are not in control of your own body anymore?
  • Do you wish you had more energy and less stress?
  • Are you tired of funky digestion?
  • Does sugar rule your life?
  • Do you have trouble focusing?
  • Do you long for more and/or better quality of sleep?
  • Do you wonder where the heck your motivation went?
  • Are you ready to make some game changing moves to improve your quality of life, but feel overwhelmed and confused about how to start?
  • Are you finally ready to make peace with food and your body – and LOVE both??
If you said YES any (or all) of this, you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

Together we will improve your health AND of course,

help you to love the way you LOOK  and FEEL 

So, how does this work?

I combine the latest in laser technology along

 with health coaching to give you the RESULTS

 you want and deserve

Benefits of Laser Treatments:

non -invasive - no incisions 

100% painless

there is no down time or recovery time

lasers do not leave marks on the skin

mimic your body's natural way of getting rid of excess fat - we just help it happen faster

As much as I wish for one, there is no magic bullet or magic wand I can wave to provide instant change.

The GOOD NEWS is that with Sculpt Laser Lipo you will receive tons of personalized health coaching which means your results will last.  
There's even more good news!  None of what I recommend or create for you is based on deprivation, punishing unsustainable routines, or expensive products.  Only real world solutions you can happily and easily maintain. 

I want you to EAT!  I want you to feel abundant in your choices! I want you to feel HAPPY and SATISFIED!  

I also know you are unique! So no cookie cutter plans! 

In order to help you get the best results, I look at every aspect of your current lifestyle

                 everything else !            

This all means you will make meaningful, lasting changes that set you up for a lifetime of success


having the energy to do the things you love

feeling strong, confident, and capable

having making healthy choices easy and automatic - no more frustration and struggling!
falling in love with what you see in the mirror and how it makes you feel! 

Now THAT'S magic! 

Here's more nitty gritty of what you get when you work with me:

~custom laser treatment plan tailored to your goals & progress 
~goal setting
~non-judgmental support & accountability

~nutrition & exercise blueprint/plans
~easy & delicious recipes
~health & lifestyle coaching - your own personal "LIFE STYLIST! " 
~unlimited e-mail support - I won't leave you hanging 
~Whole Body Vibration Platform use
~private & professional environment
LOTS of personal attention, extras, & FUN!

I take my work with you very seriously, but also strive to make your weight loss & wellness journey
FUN and exciting too! 

I'd love to meet you and learn about your goals, dreams and desires

Call 505-908-7353 to schedule your 
complimentary consultation or visit the "purchase sessions here" page to start now!

In-house Payment Plan Available - Zero Fees or Interest - Plans to Fit Your Budget